Video Offers

Social Media Shorts

It’s no secret that social media is an invaluable marketing tool for your organisation, so it makes sense that you want to keep ahead of the game and video is a dependable and highly effective way of getting ahead of the competition.

Most formats of video, such as product pieces and mini-documentaries, do wonders for your social media presence, but if you’re a budget-conscious marketeer then the Social Media Short is the perfect place to begin.

Promotional Video Work

Whether you've created a product or offer a service, you're going to want to ensure people know about it! Original promotional content comes in a myriad of different and effective mediums and video is one of the very best.

It's a great way to make an impact and really hit that target audience with a tailor-made video.

Let the world see what you have to offer! From product demonstration videos to capturing client testimonials on film (and everything in between) I'm here to help.

Video Case-Study

A Video Case Study is perhaps the best way to tell your story. Maybe you'd like to talk about the money your organisation has raised for charity, or how about the project that took you to heights you never thought you'd reach?

A case study isn't just about you, though. It's about the journey, the event and about the extra mile your company or business has gone – and that's something that you’ll want to share with everyone. Show your audience who they're doing business with and show them what you're proud of.

Short Documentary

A short documentary is the perfect way to take your audience with you while you're undertaking any form of development. Change can always be good – it can lead to growth, new opportunities and a fresh perspective.

By working together we can document your journey as it's happening and share it with your audience, opening up a dialogue and giving them an insight into the people behind the logo.


Events! - Corporate/Festivals/Weddings

Flintwood Films will cover your event from start to finish. There is no doubt that a tremendous amount of hard work has gone into the big day so you can rest assured that just as much hard work will go into capturing it. My cameras will be ready and waiting for the crowds to roll in! 

Typically, an event will take an entire day (or days in some cases) and I’ll compress the resulting footage into a short but no less comprehensive video of highlights. Anything from celebrations to corporate events, I'll be sure to capture all the best moments on film.

Aerial Videography

With Aerial Videography you’re able to show all that you have to offer, I have my PfCO from the CAA so I'm always ready to fly! Ariel videos are best suited for projects revolving around larger scale property or construction based projects, such as building developments, land surveying, and property marketing; By taking to the sky I offer you a different perspective and this vantage point enables us to share the subject matter in its entirety.

To see some of my work be sure to visit my Portfolio Page