Photography Offers

Photography is something I’ve been doing for a long time, it's the older brother of film so it's no surprise that the two skills go hand in hand. Here at Flintwood Films I offer a multitude of photography packages to suit you and your needs.



Whether you’re in need of new staff photos for your website or some moody black and whites for that acting career to take off then I’m here to help. Let’s show the world who you are!


Real Estate

Photography and video are the key marketing features when selling a home, I make sure we have everything covered. A standard Real Estate photography package includes:

  • 2 wide-angle shots of each main room; Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Room.

  • 1 photo of the bathroom, unless it’s particularly defined & spacious.

  • 1-3 photos of the outdoors typically more if there are unique features. 

  • 1 shot each other feature for example; Utility room, garage, and conservatory.

Product Photos

No matter what it is that you produce/create/sell - I can help market it with some stunning product photography! From stopwatches to sports cars, I’ve got you covered. I offer product photography in two forms; Lifestyle & standard catalog photography.

Aerial Photography

I’m a fully qualified Drone Op with permission for commercial operations from the CAA, I love flying my drone so I’m usually looking for any excuse to get it in the air! Best suited for large scale property and building developments Aerial Photography shows the full scale of your project.

To see some of my work be sure to visit my Portfolio Page