Ongoing Marketing Package

Recurring Social Media Management

& Content Creation


​Social media is the greatest marketing tool out there, it helps further develop SEO, raise awareness of who you are and what you do and 90% of the time it’s the reason I’m hired but as well as creating content for social media, one of the services offered here at Flintwood Films is a bespoke content creation package.


The package is custom-fit to meet your needs; I create custom Gifs, slideshows, and other branded images every single week in order to maintain a consistent style and presence for your organisation on social media.


The first thing I do with your social media is set goals, this is how we measure growth and find out what’s working and what isn’t. Due to individual algorithms, each Social Media platform out there works differently and so depending on what goals we set determines which platforms I’ll focus on for you and your brand.

What's included:

  • Each Package is custom made to fit your needs and budget with an affordable monthly charge.

  • If you don't have the staff at hand I will post up to four times week spread across three main platforms with unique and engaging content at no additional cost. 

  • Creation and curation of all relevant images:

    • Designing Photos.

    • Stock Photos.

  • Social Media Shorts: These are low effort videos, they still look great but rather than taking a full day to film these videos are shot, edited and exported all within one day. A great example would be a piece to camera for LinkedIn or a combination of high-resolution photos accompanied by animated text and bullet points.

  • Content Creation: Custom Created and curated content. (Branded images, visuals, and quotes).

  • Content posting: Custom branded content posting (All platforms supported).

  • Content writing: Informative posts to help your target market make informed buying decisions in favor of your business.

  • Arranging competitions and promotions.

  • Market research: I will research your target market to find the best opportunities for your business and research competitors and regularly update hashtags in line with the content.

  • 20% Discount on all additional Flintwood Films Photography & Video Services.